Crack Filling

Crack Filling

Sadly, asphalt concrete paving doesn’t last forever. Because it is subject to temperature and weather wear, cracks can appear and get wider with every freeze/thaw cycle. Professionals like the experts at Julius C Howe Asphalt Sealing Co. can fill in and seal these cracks and make your asphalt parking lot or driveway good as new. Let’s look at why cracks form and how your trusted paving company can help.

  • What is Asphalt Crack Filling?

    Asphalt is made up of gravel suspended in bitumen, and cracks form when water breaks down the bitumen, weakening the entire layer. Water can also flow into tiny fissures or holes in the asphalt’s surface, and when it freezes, water opens the fissures even more and turn into what is referred to as crocodile cracking.  Paving experts fill in cracks using high quality products made from specialized blends of plastics and petroleum. When finished, these crack fillers blend seamlessly with the original asphalt to create a solid surface.

  • Why You Need Hot Crack Filling Services

    Sure, asphalt crack filler products are available at home improvement stores. But those products will only last for so long, and they tend to make the pavement cracking worse when they shrink and allow water back into the crack. Professional paving contractors, on the other hand, use a much more durable and longer lasting heated version to create a seamless, smooth surface that will stand up to wear and weather. Contractors with time in the business will also know the right application techniques to repair asphalt completely, from crack filling to asphalt overlays.

  • How To Choose the Right Paving Contractor

    If you have any cracked asphalt paving on your property, whether it’s a commercial parking lot, roadway, or residential driveway, you need the most trusted pavement company in your area. In western Ohio and the greater Cincinnati area, that is Howe Asphalt. We’ve been helping our neighbors with asphalt repair, installation, and maintenance for decades, so contact us today for a consultation.