Parking Lot Paving

Parking Lot Paving

For over 20 years, Julius C. Howe Asphalt Sealing Co. has been helping commercial customers with their pavement needs all over Cincinnati and the Tri-State area. Though the company started small, with just Julius Howe and his family, it has bloomed into a paving industry leader, using high-quality materials and state of the art asphalt milling and grading processes. Backed by outstanding customer service, our expert contractors are dedicated to providing the highest quality parking lot paving, maintenance, and repair services. Let’s take a look at what we can do for your business.

Asphalt Parking Lot Paving Installation and Replacement

Your parking lot is your business’ curb appeal, and a smooth, easy to navigate, and perfectly level surface makes a great first impression. When paving a new lot or replacing an existing one, every step of the process is important to ensure an outstanding result. Howe Asphalt takes pride in getting every step right, including:

  • Surface inspection and evaluation

  • Demolition and existing asphalt removal

  • Grading and sloping to ensure proper drainage

  • Sub-grade installation

  • Binder and surface course

  • Lay down new asphalt surface

  • Roll and compact

  • Parking lot line striping

From the initial evaluation of your site to the final painting of the last stripe, we’ll be there for you.


Even with the highest quality of paving installations, over time those surfaces can suffer from the occasional problem, whether that’s from weather events or simply heavy wear and tear. Nothing’s too complicated to repair for our pavement experts. We’re highly skilled in parking lot repair and provide solutions to issues such as:

  • Drainage issues

  • Pothole repair

  • Fatigue or alligator cracking

  • Asphalt milling and overlay

  • Resurfacing

No matter the problem, we have the expertise to get your surface in working order quickly and efficiently.


We hope your parking lot brings in a ton of business, but this business can lead to wear and tear on the surface. To make sure your pavement remains functional for its maximum life span, we offer a comprehensive maintenance program.

Our high-quality maintenance services include:

Whether you need a brand new parking lot for your business, some repair like sealcoating, or ongoing pavement maintenance, we are here for you. Call to speak with one of our dedicated customer service representatives and find out how we can help get your parking surfaces in perfect working order.