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Parking Lot Paving project in Fairfield, OH

Julius C. Howe Asphalt & Sealing Company has been servicing Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Owner Julius Howe founded the company when he was 18 years old, and he’s been providing services as a commercial asphalt contractor ever since. 

One of our previous clients who owns an industrial park in Fairfield, OH, recently contacted us to perform a commercial parking lot paving project.  So in order to continue a successful relationship with our client, we made sure to fulfill all of the customer’s requests.

Upon our first inspection of the parking lot, it was apparent the lifespan of the parking lot had run its course. The parking lot had been sealed multiple times throughout the years, which included the patching of numerous potholes. In addition to numerous sealing and patch jobs, the parking lot was also facing severe drainage issues. The owner described that pools of water would stand in the parking lot after a heavy rainfall. Between the spot repairs and water damage, the parking lot was in need of a major overhaul.

We discussed the approach we needed to take in order to deliver the customer’s desired outcome. With the drainage issues, we needed to level the pavement. This included milling and asphalt overlay to properly restore the parking lot to maximum efficiency. As the customer agreed to the estimate, we began to bring the parking lot back to life through asphalt milling, foundation leveling, and overlay. At the completion of the project, our client was very pleased with the end result!