What is cheaper concrete or asphalt paving in Cincinnati?

What is cheaper concrete or asphalt paving in Cincinnati?

When you need a new driveway on your residential property or a new parking lot for your business, the cost of the paving services you’ll be getting can be a major worry. Luckily, an experienced asphalt company can help you make this decision as well as keep your concrete or asphalt paving costs within your budget.

In the Cincinnati area, Julius C Howe Asphalt Sealing Co is the paving company with the most cost-effective asphalt paving services and concrete services, and we’re proud to help local property owners get the most out of their driveway or parking lot without the stress of high costs, whichever paving material they choose.

Concrete vs Asphalt: Costs in Cincinnati OH and Surrounding Areas

When you’re figuring out what material to pave your parking lot or driveway with, there are a lot of things to consider, but cost can be top of the list. Here’s some information about paving costs so you can make that decision worry-free.

  • What factors affect the cost of concrete and asphalt paving?

    Any kind of paving can be more or less expensive depending on certain factors, including:

    • The square footage that needs to be paved (how long a driveway should be or how many parking spaces you need)
    • How much traffic your pavement will get (this can influence whether asphalt or concrete is best)
    • What kind of surface you’re starting with, whether it needs excavating and plant removal or it’s already been paved with gravel or something else
    • If you need special drainage systems like grates, storm drains, or French drains
    • Any other finishing services you may want or need, such as parking lot line striping or decorative edging on a driveway
  • What are average concrete paving costs?

    On average, concrete costs between $12 and $20 per square foot to install. This cost can go up if you want decorative stamping or colorants added. Concrete can also have more expensive repair services that are needed more often.

  • What the average cost for asphalt paving in Ohio?

    Contrary to most people’s belief, asphalt paving is cheaper than concrete at $4 to $6 per square foot, though services like excavating and line striping can add to the cost. Restorative asphalt repair services like resurfacing and preventative maintenance services like sealcoating are also very cost effective.

  • What is cheaper, concrete or asphalt paving in Cincinnati OH?

    Going sheerly by square-foot costs, asphalt paving is cheaper than concrete. However, concrete and asphalt have different strengths and weaknesses, and it can be important to weigh all factors before you decide.

The Best Asphalt Paving in Cincinnati OH: Julius C Howe Asphalt Sealing Co

Whether you decide on getting a concrete driveway or an asphalt parking lot on your Cincinnati OH area property, you can count on Julius C Howe Asphalt Sealing Co to install pavement that is durable, long lasting, and attractive.

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